When catastrophes strike, whole communities often lose everything in a moment.

Farming families lose their entire year’s food supply to a drastic drop in rainfall.

Rural villagers walk days for a cup of water – clean or dirty, to simply stay alive.

People watch in panic as their homes crumble to dust in earthquakes and are left homeless.

Villagers desperately flee to hilltops as floodwaters rise or beg for refuge from nearby buildings as typhoons approach.

Children become unaccompanied refugees as they escape from gunfire, forced to leave their families behind and cross borders into strange lands seeking protection.

The stories do not end here. We can help them survive.

Why wait for disasters to strike?

For S$50 a month,you will allow World Vision to strengthen the resilience of communities to brace themselves against

the worst effects of calamities.

These are ongoing initiatives in as many at-risk communities even before disasters strike.


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