Light in the Darkest Places

Turkana, Kenya

Kenya has been plagued by consecutive droughts which left previously lush lands barren and dry. During the recent drought season, more than 450,000 children became malnourished.

Little Scholastica was one of them. With inadequate food, she weighed only 5 kilograms and wore the clothes of a newborn despite being two years old.

Scholastica’s favourite foods include bananas and avocados. But with the drought, nothing has been growing. A single banana now costs half a day’s wages.

Families worry as it is impossible to cultivate food for their children.
They wait for help, and pray.

World Vision met them where they are, trucking in food supplies to prevent starvation.

Hungry families were given food rations to tide them over.

As a result of successive droughts and floods, families in Turkana continue to struggle with damaged homes, lack of access to clean water and food security.

In the coming year, World Vision will help these families by repairing damaged water points so that children can drink again.

To fight hunger sustainably, World Vision will also train mothers in growing vegetables at home and how to cultivate them in difficult weather.

This way, we meet these disaster-stricken families where they are, and where they need us to be, bringing light back into their lives with new hope.


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Light in the Darkest Places

Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

In August 2017, hundreds of thousands of refugees identifying as Rohingya fled Myanmar for Bangladesh when violence broke out.

Today, there are 883,785 refugees in overcrowded camps in Cox’s Bazar.

Over the last year, access to sufficient food has been difficult. Children and women have gone hungry, and many have become malnourished.

Pregnant and lactating women who malnourished struggle to breastfeed. Infants and babies go without adequate nutrition and become exposed to other health risks.

World Vision has been providing care in the camps since August 2017, focusing on the needs of children and mothers. Through food vouchers which entitle them to nutritious food like eggs, vegetables and fish, lactating and pregnant mothers can take better care of themselves and their infants and babies so reliant on them.

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Help young children and mothers avoid malnutrition by gifting them with fresh food which they cannot otherwise have.